Tessi documents services

Market leader in document processing and payment systems, Tessi documents services is a major player in document automation, multichannel management of information exchanges and electronic archiving.

Through its comprehensive suite of services and solutions, Tessi documents services optimises the management of companies’ incoming, circulating and outgoing documents, owing to the convergence of its three core competencies:

Business Process Outsourcing

Be it in document automation, the management of payments and payment systems, back-office processing and regulatory controls, or managing contact centres, Tessi documents services is the one-stop-shop for companies seeking to externalise the management of their document- and function-based processes.

  • 30 production sites in France and 2,500 people in contact with organisations
  • command of data acquisition and EDI technologies
  • high-quality services, outsourced to Tessi’s facilities or insourced at the customer’s site

Solutions and technologies

Tessi documents services maintains its technological independence by proposing innovative “Digital Enterprise” solutions: upstream digitisation and automation, EDM and workflows, paperless contract signing, electronic invoicing, cheque deposit kiosks, SEPA migration, online tax and employee statement filings:

  • a development / integration / projects division with 250 employees, representing sales of €25 million
  • proven software such as Docubase, BOS Manager, Sakarah, Bee-POST Suite and ASPOne
  • our own datacentre to control the challenges of cloud computing and Software as a Service

Printing solutions and multichannel communication

From transactional mail printing, direct marketing and multichannel management of individual mailings to 100% paperless mail and the handling of sensitive and registered mail, Tessi documents services supports companies seeking to optimise the management of their mail and enables them to meet the related challenges:

  • scheduled, batch processing for secure, automated production
  • multichannel communication, for high-impact, state-of-the-art mail management
  • control of franking and consumables costs
  • Reduced environmental impact