Corporate governance

General management

Claire FISTAROL: CEO - Chairman of the Management Board (“Présidente du Directoire”)
Olivier JOLLAND: General Manager - member of the Management Board

Management Committee

The Management Committee comprises the Executive Management and members of the Operational Divisions:
Urs BIRRER: CEO Tessi documents services - Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH)
Virginie DEGEORGIS: Deputy CEO Tessi documents services - France
Cécile DEVIN: CEO Tessi customer marketing
Javier DOMINGO: CEO Tessi documents services - Graddo, Spain and Portugal (Iberia)
José LAGOS: CEO Tessi documents services - Latin America
Massimo VATTERONI: CEO Tessi documents services - Diagonal Company (Iberia)
Jean-Luc VECCHIO: CEO Tessi consulting Division
Christos YANNICOPOULOS: CEO Tessi documents services - France

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises members of the Management Committee and:
Benoit BOURG: Director of Human Resources
Jean-François DAUMAS: Internal Audit Manager
Bruno DE KERVENOAEL: M&A Manager
Emmanuelle ERTEL: Director of Communication & Digital Innovation
Claire MUTEL: Legal Director
Patrick PEILLON: Director of Information Systems

Supervisory Board

The Board currently has 9 members:
Vincent MÉNEZ: Chairman of the Supervisory Board (“Président du Conseil de Surveillance”)
Jean-Louis SAVOYE: Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Michel ANGÉ: Member of the Supervisory Board
Marine DENTRESSANGLE: Member of the Supervisory Board
Nathalie GAK : Member of the Supervisory Board
Sophie SAUVAGE: Member of the Supervisory Board
The company Fondelys: Member of the Supervisory Board, represented by Henri DUFER
The company HLD Conseils: Member of the Supervisory Board, represented by Jean-Hubert VIAL
The company HLD Europe: Member of the Supervisory Board, represented by Anne CANEL

Number of independent Board members: two.
Number of Board members elected by employees: none.
Minimum number of shares the Board members must hold: this obligation was eliminated at the Combined Shareholders Meeting of 18 June 2009.